Best Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys :- Computer shortcut keys are helpful for providing an easier and quicker method for navigating and executing commands in the Computer software. Shortcut keys are performed using the Alt key (on Windows OS Computer), Command key (On Apple Computers), Ctrl, or Shift key working in conjunction with another key. The de facto … Read more

Advanced Excel Shortcut Keys

Advanced Excel Shortcut Keys S.NO Shortcut Command 1. ALT+’ (apostrophe) This shortcut will open the formatting Style dialog window. 2. CTRL+1 This shortcut will open the Format Cells dialog window. 3. CTRL+SHFT+~ This shortcut will apply the General number format to the specified cell(s). 4. CTRL+SHFT+$ This shortcut will apply the Currency format to your … Read more